Thursday, 31 October 2013

.spooky dance.

My lucky girl had a week full of Halloween festivities. These photos are from the spooky dance Halloween party at ballet class. It was so cute to see all the littles dressed up in their costumes! Nyah was a witch for this party. I scored a great deal on this costume at Canadian Tire of all places! It was super cute. I just wished the hat had a strap on it because getting her to actually wear was impossible!

Emlyn the beautiful fairy!

Izzy was Boo from Monster's inc.

Ruby the Sock monkey

Best friends!

Arianna didn't want to wear her costume this day so she came as a ballerina!

Cassie as Rapunzel

It takes cookies to get these two to sit still!

.pumpkin carving.

Auntie Tracey was so nice to host a pumpkin carving party at her house! We had such a great time! The food was awesome! I left with a tummy ache from eating so many delicious sweets!!

Nyah wasn't too into carving the pumpkin because Auntie Tracey has a putting green in her front yard! Who wants to carve when you can putt!!

She had a lot of fun whacking the golf ball around. Richmond Country Club junior golf member maybe?

Daddy did all the hard work carving!

Miss. Avery was the cutest little mouse EVER! I can't get over how quickly these little monster grow. Avery is up and walking all over these days!

Someone didn't wanna take a picture with daddy's pumpkin cause it meant she would have to stop golfing! haha!

.patch round two.

We had such a great time at Alder Aces that we went back for a second visit! This time we went just Nyah and I with the McIntyre's and the Bowley's. I love this farm! I can see us going again at Christmas time and picking our tree. New family tradition maybe?

I have to thank photographer Paul for this beauty... and the other 25 just like it!

.halloween party.

We were so happy we were able to attend our Mommy group's 2nd annual Halloween party! It has been such an amazing experience watching our kiddos grow together. These little events make it so special! And who can resist all the cuteness!!!

Caris the Care Bear

My little football playing witch!

Joey the Lion and Milo the Bear.

Sarafina as Minnie Mouse

McCarten as a Witch

Owen the Penguin

.alder acres.

Alder Acres farm is amazing! Jay, Nyah and I meet Brandy and Brody there the other day to pick a pumpkin and we had a super fun time! The weather was gorgeous and they had tons of super cute baby animals! If your in the area I would definitely recommend going. I had been once before with the Duperon family and Rylnn when she was living with us but this time around the experience was so different with my own daughter. 

I held a baby pig!!!!!! He was shaking like a leaf in my arms but was so cute!

This was probably my favorite moment of the day. I held this tiny little baby bunny for Nyah to pet and as she was petting it she kept saying "meow, meow". Isn't she sweet.... confused... but sweet!

This is the difference between boys and girls! I swear I left the farm with extra gray hair just watching Brody climb everything!

These kind of days are my favorite. Spending time with friends and family making memories together. It doesn't get any better!