Sunday, 29 June 2014

.love her.

There are so many things about my sweet girl that amaze me everyday. Two and a half has been such a fun and trying time. Most of our frustrations come from her not being able to fully communicate what she wants or is trying to say. And then some of our best times are when her sweet little personality comes out in the words she says. Here are some of my favorites that I never want to forget...

The way she says "wuv you mommy".

That she asks me at least 3 times a day in the most caring little voice... "You ok mommy?"

How she always says "sorry"... When she bumps you, or thinks she's upset you and often times when there is no need to even be sorry. She's just so sweet and so compasionate.

She renames all her favorite shows.... Frozen is snowman... Lion king is cat and the best is she calls the little mermaid... Horse! Haha! 

She loves to play "what's your name".... Her top picks are usually... Carrot, Emmy, Stella or Baby Bear.

If you ask her who's crazy, she will laugh and say "momma".... Thanks Jay! Payback sucks.... We are working on something really special! Haha!

She cant say Eric from the little mermaid... She calls him Arc! 

How she asks us to get her a "coffee" at the mcdonalds drive thru when we stop on daddy's way to work. It wont be long till she figures out her fruit smoothie is not the same as daddy's coffee!

Im sure there are many more things she says that Im forgetting. Im going to start making notes so I dont forget them between blog posts!