Thursday, 19 September 2013

.my ballerina.

Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I hoped it was girl. And from the moment I found out it was a girl I hoped she would be a ballerina. Today, Nyah became my sweet little ballerina and went to her first ballet class. 

On Tuesday, we went to Limbers dance store and bought her first pair of ballet shoes and leotard/tutu. When we tried it on in the store, my eyes teared up because she looked so beautiful. Call me crazy but I have loved ballet since I was a little girl. I danced out of Angela's school of ballet in Richmond. My claim to fame was that my class was chosen to dance in an Ocean Spray cranberry juice commercial. I can remember my parents setting the vcr to record the commercial as it came on during a break on Different Strokes. The commercial was so random... It was a birthday party set in a ballet studio with a bunch of little ballerina's wearing party hats, drinking cranberry juice and dancing around with cranberry mustaches. I'm pretty sure that was my big ticket to fame but for some reason it never panned out! Haha! 

I was so excited to show Jay her outfit that we tried it on for him that night. I needed him to love it before I told him that it costed more than the classes themselves! 

Once he saw her in it, I knew he would love it and he wouldn't care what I spent. It was important to me that she look the part. 

This is as we were getting ready to leave for class. She was already not really feeling all the picture taking but I think she looks sweet even if she does have a grumpy face.

Once we got to class, she was excited to see her best friend, Emlyn. We let the girls run around outside for a bit before class in the hopes of getting some cute pics of the girls together but have you ever tried to get two 2 year old toddlers to pose for photos? I'm pretty sure you'd have a better chance of saving the world!

Once we were inside the studio the girls were really excited and running around. The studio is set up with floor to ceiling mirrors on 2 sides and bars on both walls. I think the girls thought it was really awesome to see themselves pretty much where ever they looked!

Prettiest ballerina I have ever seen!

Ok... so maybe this move is a little more contemporary dance but still cute!

Watch out... Running ballerina!

Emmy spotted "this cutie" in the mirror and though she better give her a kiss! Awww!

I had a lot of fun today taking Nyah to her first ballet class. I hope that she grows to love dance and that one day I will be a proud mama sitting in the front row of her first recital.

.country fair.

This past weekend we went to a local country fair at Campbell Valley park. We spent the day with our dear friends Tricia, Stan and Emlyn. The girls enjoyed petting the horses, rattling the baby chicks cage door, watching square dancing, wagon rides and running around like crazy monkeys. We also indulged on some classic country fair food... Grilled cheese sandwiches and mini doughnuts! I'm pretty sure my favorite part was the delicious grilled Gouda, Havarti, caramelized onion and apple sandwich. It was by far the best grilled cheese I've ever had and I consider myself a grilled cheese connoisseur since it's one of the only lunch foods Nyah will eat!

Farm House

Nyah on the fire truck

Emlyn and Tricia

Local flower vendor

She really didn't want to go on the hay. She was so unsure.

What a cute family! We love you guys!

Our first wagon ride!

The perfect size pony for my girl!

This kid is an animal lover. Dog, cat, horse... she loves them all.

And the day wouldn't be complete.... 

without a giant kiss...

...from your best friend!!

(Thank you Tricia for always being so great at remembering to bring a camera and capturing these amazing moments! Thank you for allowing me to share the photos on my blog as well!)

Saturday, 7 September 2013

.Our little family is going to Hawaii.

We are headed to Maui for our first ever family vacation!! Let the 3 week count down begin!

Way to go babe for busting your butt on your days off and being in the top 3 for sales winning a FREE trip to Hawaii! We are so lucky to have been given the opportunity to make some extra cash for our little family and winning the trip was the icing on the cake! Thank you TELUS!