Sunday, 9 September 2012

.1st boat ride.

Today we had so much planned and it all went out the window.  My parents are coming for a visit on Monday so we had hoped to get the playroom sanded, cleaned, primed and painted before they came.  Our friend is coming tomorrow to put in the new carpets so now we are really under the gun to get it all done in the morning. But skipping out on our never ending list of things to do to go boating with friends on Alouette Lake was totally worth it! The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had an amazing time. Nyah was such a good sport! Poor little thing couldn't move her head or bend her arms in the life jacket. She looked so uncomfortable and so ridiculously cute at the same time.

This was her first time out on a boat and I was a little nervous at the whole idea. I'm a super strong swimmer but the fear of something happening and her ending up in the water was terrifying to me. I think Shawn could tell I was a little nervous and took it nice and easy out on the boat. It ended up being such an enjoyable day. Floating, chatting and basking in the sun. I always find being near or on the water so peaceful.

Shawn and Jenn's little guy Ayden was so much fun too! He's such a good boy with the sweetest giggle you have ever heard. I love that he was so easily influenced to squirt Jay with the water gun! Any kid that will team up with me against Jay is number one in my books... lol.

After spending the afternoon on the boat both Nyah and Ayden fell asleep. Of course Ayden slept like an angel and Nyah woke up after half an hour! Luckily the sound of the engine and the long trip back to the dock put her out again.

We got home around dinner time and because the 3 of us were so exhausted we decided to just order a pizza. I'm so tired as I'm writing this and tomorrow we have another super fun day ahead of us. It's Nyah's boyfriend, Brody's first birthday! We can't wait to celebrate with them!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

.baby fever.

If someone had told me 2 years ago that I would have been blogging about the topic of this post I would have laughed and made some kind of tongue and cheek remark. Oh... how things have changed. Thanks to a sweet little baby named Avery Leigh, I now find myself with a case of serious baby fever! There I said it!... Eek... baby fever! What does that even mean? Is it an internal confirmation that you want a baby? Or in my case another baby? Just thinking about the possibility stresses me out but on the flip side... babies are such a gift and we would be so blessed to have another. Holding Avery in the hospital, less than a day old, brought back all the feelings of when I held Nyah for the first time and I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness that I may never hold another tiny baby of my own. And so.... I caught baby fever. Ever since that day all I think about is babies. Poor Jay is probably so tired of EVERY conversation starting with... " so hypothetically speaking.... if we did have another....".... lol.

Making the decision to have another baby is serious stuff. I lay awake at night snuggling with Nyah wondering if she would feel like she missed out not having a sibling. I worry if we do give her a brother or sister will she feel less loved. Will we be able to afford it? Would we be able to survive 2 kids? If we didn't have another would I wake up one morning with the biggest feeling of regret?

I imagine what life would be like with 2 kids (and for some reason I always imagine 2 girls)... 2 sweet girls playing together... best friends... Don't get me wrong... I'm not completely delusional... I have a sister so I remember all the fighting, hair pulling and biting that goes with it. Maybe it's our age that's adding to the pressure or that we would like them close in age if we did have another. All I know is that baby fever has consumed my brain. It's all I think about and talk about. I heard a great quote a little while ago... "You never regret the children you have, just the ones you don't have". Ahhhhhh... I never imagined that we would be contemplating another and definitely not so soon! I guess we will just have to wait and see what life has in the cards for us.

Here are just a few snapshots of Miss. Avery. How can you not just fall in love with her! Congrats Tracey and Kyle! We are so thrilled for you both!

Miss. Avery Leigh
I love baby yawns!
Sweet dreams
I can't write a post without including at least one photo of my little monster! Nyah at 9 1/2 months