Thursday, 30 July 2015


This is what my heart looks like when it's on the outside of my body...

I'm so glad we did this photo shoot... I had a million excuses not too... I want to lose 15 lbs... I need to cover my grey hair first... the list could go on forever... but I sucked it up and did because it's important... It's important to document all 3 of us... together. The one thing I wish from my childhood was that there were more photos of us as a family. 

There you have it... the 3 of us. Don't be surprised if one of these graces the cover of our Christmas card! haha!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Summer is flying by!

I can not believe its already July 15th!! Summer is just flying by! We have been keeping busy spending lots of time with friends at the lake, beach and water park. This summer has been so hot that keeping cool has been a priority. It helps that my girl loves the water!

I just wanting to do a quick post to jot down some stuff Nyah has been saying and doing lately... so I never forget.

The other day we were playing with our Princess Legos and Nyah decided it was bedtime for the princesses. Even though that Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Sofia each had their own castle, when she declared bedtime she pulled them each out of their castles and put them all to bed together. I think its so sweet that she thinks everyone co sleeps.

It has to be noted that she thinks poop is really funny.... dog poop, goose poop, her own poop... you say poop and its funny. Farting... hilarious! Im hoping its a short faze.... although when she randomly breaks out in song singing poop, poop, poop to the tune of jingle bells I die laughing!

With the new despicable me moving coming out there are minions everywhere... and its pretty cute because Nyah calls them minutes! lol

When it's foggy outside, she says "it's pretty froggy outside" and I don't correct her because I love it!

I wish she could just stay 3 1/2 years old because this year has been so fun!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sunshine Hills Parent Participation Preschool

It's been 6 months since my last post.... where do I even begin? So much has happened in the last 6 months and I blame instagram for my lack of blogging... It's just so easy to post photos and document your life in tiny little squares.

Let's start with this....

First day of preschool compared with the last day of her first year of preschool. 

She really has grown up so much this year. When I look at her first day photo, I still see that sweet little baby. On her last day photo, she looks like such little girl. She's so much taller and her hair has gotten all sorts of crazy! I love it. Her first year of preschool was a great experience. Even though we never reached the point where I could leave her there on her own, I knew it was important to continue to go. She made so many friends and really started to come out of her shell. I'm really looking forward to all that next year will have in store for us.

Our preschool had a photographer come in to do class and individual photos. Here are the ones we selected.

Nyah's class was a 3/4 split so the majority of the kids will be going to kindergarten next year with only 3 friends returning next year. I don't know that Nyah really understands that all her friends won't be there next year but we are excited to form new friendship with the incoming group of kids.

I love this collage the photographer put together. They asked each kid what they would like to be when they grow up. They got some good answers with doctor, police officer, astronaut, zookeeper, artist, mommy, teacher and firefighter. But the best ones are rockstar, gummy bear seller, lion, tall and of course Nyah's... chicken, So funny!

One of our favorite field trips was our year end trip horseback riding. I wasn't sure how Nyah would do, if she'd be nervous of the big horses or not but she LOVED it. This girl is a farm girl at heart. The other day she told me she likes cows, horses, chickens and poop. We are at that stage where poop is the funniest thing ever and most of the time she's right and I can't help but laugh. Here are just a few shots from the field trip. It was really hands on and the parents lead the horses so it wasn't easy to get photos. Nyah's horse was named Applejack and she loved her, like really loved her. She told me that Applejack was hers and that she was going to bring it home. Naturally, my response was you need to ask your daddy. Sorry babe! Haha! She cried when it was time to get off her and leave. 

Her first year of preschool was a great one and we made so many memories. I'm so thankful for our little parent participation preschool and that I was able to share in those memories.