Sunday, 2 August 2015

San Diego

In June we made our way to San Diego to visit some of our favorite peeps! Nyah was so excited to see her friend Sky in "Sandy Lego"... We all had an amazing visit with our best friends and did lots of fun things like visiting Eva & Matt's private club with water park, eating delicious Mexican food and visiting Auntie Kym's work where we were treated to a VIP experience up close and personal with a sloth and an owl! As usual it broke my heart to leave... We love Sandy Lego! 

(*I forgot my camera on this trip so these pictures are either stolen from Auntie Eva or taken on my iphone).

Sometimes I can't believe that I have been friends with these girls for over 20 years! Throw some babies and fur babies into the mix and it blows my mind!

Sky was so sweet and so kind to Nyah! At one point during lunch Sky said "Nyah you are the best Nyah EVER!"

Xena the Sloth! What a great experince! Auntie Kym was so generous to buy Nyah a sloth stuffy when we left who she named "Pancake"... lol

This little birdie was a beauty! In this shoot she spotted a crow hovering in the trees above and was on alert!

Uncle John took Daddy for a boys day/night trip out 4x4 in his new baby with his buddies. The boys had a great time despite Jay's story of being left behind to walk 5 miles back to camp in the smoldering heat with no water... lol! I'm just glad he survived to tell the story! Haha!

Cooling off in the waterpark was a must! Pretty sure Uncle John was having the most fun!

Just like her momma.... this is her happy place.

Please note the giant fish bowl on the right was all Uncle John's idea! 

Sweet baby Tyler, Auntie Leah loves you!

Proud daddy Matt!

Tyler gazing into mommy's eyes <3

This was the water park at Matt & Eva's Club... I'm pretty sure Nyah went down that little water slide 79 times! 

Just a random church on our walk... she insisted on stopping and was in total awe.

Dinner at Cafe Coyote

Friends who share drinks together stay together!

Old town

Make it a good wish baby girl!