Saturday, 14 April 2012


This Easter long weekend was so awesome! Instead of it just being Jay's regular 5 days off of work he got an extra 2 days because of the stat holidays!! On Friday, Nyah and I got together with some old friends from work at Cactus Club. It was really great to see the ladies and catch up. The weather was absolutely amazing! Super sunny! Perfect weather for the BBQ we went to on Saturday at Shawn's house. Our friend Brian came down from Kelowna with his little guy, Rowan. We don't get to get everyone together often but when we do it's always a good time! And always so fun to see how much all the kids have grown.(I was so mad at myself because I forgot my camera in the truck!!) Jay's hockey team made it to the playoffs this year so after the BBQ we went to watch his game. They didn't win but daddy did score a goal (and he was playing defense!) for his baby girl cause he knew she was watching!

On Sunday we celebrated Nyah's first Easter by taking some quick photos at home. The Easter bunny brought Nyah her first Easter basket full of goodies and some chocolates for mommy and daddy so we used some of the stuff from her basket in the photos. After we took the photos, Nyah started to play with her feet for the first time! So cute! I guess the Easter bunny also brought her 10 little toes!

Jay brought Nyah her Easter dress and she looked so sweet in it! Yellow is definitely a good colour for her.

Nyah giving her bunny a squeeze.

I love this bunny. I hope that if she has a security item, she chooses this floppy bunny. He is just so sweet.

Ok... So I know she doesn't really understand but I just have to buy her a "first" card for everything. Here I am reading her her first Easter card. The card says guess how much I love you, then the inside says this much with the bunnies arms wide open. For the record I couldn't find a bunny with long enough arms to really show her how much I love her!

Look grandpa... My smart girl reading her Easter book all by herself! This girl loves to have stories read to her. Daddy says her favorite book is Bubbles, Bubbles.... but I'm pretty sure that's Daddy's favorite!

See.... the arms are definitely not even close to wide enough!

Whenever I look into her beautiful blue eyes I'm filled with so much love and joy.

I know it's not nice to brag... but seriously... could she be any cuter?!.... It was funny the other day my friend Natasha commented on this photo on facebook and said "she's beautiful.... are you sure she's yours?.... " haha!

After our little family of 3 Easter celebration we went to the in-laws for a delicious Easter dinner. Baked ham and double stuffed mashed potatoes! Yum! As usual we couldn't stay long as Miss. Nyah always gets tired after 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I can't wait until she can last longer. Lately she has been having a difficult time when there are lots of people engaging her. She usually ends up tears! My poor girl. I think she's a little shy and reserved. She definitely does not get that from her daddy! I'm sure in no time she will get a little more confident and secure.

The rest of our weekend was full of running around and enjoying Nyah. I taught her how to stick out her tongue. Big mistake! Now she does it all the time! She looks like a little lizard waiting to catch a fly! I'll be trying to nurse her and I'll look down and there will be these 2 big blue eyes staring at me and this little tongue hanging out... I can't help but laugh! I wake up to this little lizard face in the morning too!

2 weeks before Easter we had some professional photos done. The shoot was just supposed to be of the little miss but she was having a tough day so mommy and daddy had to accompany her in some of the pictures. Hence, the ponytail!


Don't worry mom.... I printed them all for you and will be sending them in the mail soon!