Saturday, 2 June 2012

.time is flying.

Who can believe it's already June 1st! You definitely can't tell by the weather today! It's so gray and rainy. A good day to catch up and write about all the things that have been happening lately.

Miss. Nyah turned 6 months old on May 18th. Half a year old already! It's crazy how amazing our time with her is. She is developing such a little personality. Some may say she's a bit of a sassy pants like her mama but I don't know what they are talking about! We took her to the doctor's on her half birthday to get weighed and our big girl is weighing in at 15 lbs 15 ounces! We also got her measured and she's 25 1/2 inches long. Clearly she gets her height from her dad!

To celebrate Nyah's half birthday we gave her her first solids. Yummy rice cereal! Actually if you've ever tasted it it's kind of gross. Like with everything, Nyah was very apprehensive and unsure. This little girl really likes to take things slowly and do things when she's ready. She wasn't really a fan of the cereal. We have been giving it to her for about 2 weeks now and she still doesn't really like it. The rice cereal has been really hard on her system and she's hasn't been her happy regular self, so we've decided to take a break from it. Once things get back to normal we will try again but I think this time I will add pears to it.

Nyah has also been trying carrots. Again, she's not too sure whether she likes them or not. Sometimes she smiles and sometimes she gives me that look like "mama, if you stick that spoon in my face ONE more time... I'm gonna lose it...."

I think that next on our food adventure we are going to try yams. I love making all her food at home. It feels so great knowing exactly what's going into it and that it's all organic (when possible). I'm really looking forward to introducing her to the summer fruits but I figure we should do veggies first just incase she has a sweet tooth and decides she doesn't want them anymore after trying fruits.

Ok... so before I could even finish this post... yes... it takes me hours.... Nyah tried pears. She loved them! She kept leaning into the spoon! That was of course until they got a little sour! Poor girl!

May was a busy month for us. Besides celebrating all Nyah's milestones, we spent a lot of time visiting with friends. We went to our first cinqo de mayo party. Nyah got to play with her friends, Devyn and Kieran. They are the sweetest little twins you ever saw! They were born 3 months before Nyah. We are so lucky to have close friends with babies all around Nyah's age.

We celebrated Auntie Deanne's 29th birthday! (your welcome!... lol). We also celebrated Ayden's 2nd birthday and Nyah got to meet Elmo! I thought for sure she'd freak out but she was totally mesmerized!

Nyah went to her first parade and fair on the May long weekend. It was such a beautiful day and we were so happy to spend it with our good friends. I love fairs because they always have those delicious little sugary sweet mini donuts! Yum! Jay and I devoured a bag in about 45 seconds! Unfortunaletly, I forgot my camera but luckly Auntie Brandy had hers! Jay and Brandy decided to be adventurous and go on a ride. They choose the zipper ride. Jay took the funniest video EVER of Brandy on this ride but it's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too explict for my family blog!

Nyah couldn't handle all the excitement! Slept through the whole parade!

The star of the parade... Miss. Aleena!

Uncle Jay and Audrina waving at all the float participants! So cute!

Nyah's boyfriend and protector... Brody.

Uncle Paul and Nyah

Jay and I have been making some serious life decisions lately. After much consideration and debate we have decided to put our townhouse up for sale. Although I REALLY love the area we are in we are hoping to upgrade to a house which means we will have to move a little further out. We are hoping to be able to get something with a little backyard with somewhere to put a swing set. Buying a house is sooooooooooooo scary but I'm really looking to getting into something and knowing that this will be the home we raise our daughter in for the next little while.

We didn't really do a photo shoot to mark Nyah's half birthday but I did catch a couple good ones of her sitting on the counter while I was cleaning up.