Sunday, 13 May 2012

.mothers day.

Dear Nyah,

Today is our first mother's day together. I was so excited for today but really  November 18th was the day I became the happiest mama on earth. I will never forget how it felt to hold you in my arms for the first time. I was overwhelmed by how beautiful you were. My love for you was immediately infinite.

All my life, the one thing I always thought was that I wanted to be a mom and when I first kissed your lips I finally felt complete. Looking into your piercing blue eyes gave me purpose. In the 6 months that you have been here you have taught me more about myself than I have learned over the last 32 years.

Mother's Day is supposed to be a day to give thanks to your mom but today I want to thank you for being the most amazing daughter.I am so blessed to have you. You make each and every day so amazing!

Nyah, I love you more than I could ever describe in words. My hope is that you can feel it each and every day.


Saturday, 12 May 2012

.big girl.

Last Tuesday was a super exciting day! Normally, we would have gone to our stroller fitness class but we decided to skip it and go for a walk with Brandy and Kim and their little ones. Before walking up to the Starbucks for coffee we let the kids stretch out and play on the floor for a bit. Nyah's boyfriend Brody is 8 months old and has been sitting up on his own for a while now. Nyah and I have been working on her sitting up but she hadn't quite got it yet. But on this day, I think she wanted her man to think she was a mature big girl so she sat up all by herself! Don't get me wrong, she really unstable (it's hard work with such  big head!) but she was able to stay up long enough for me to snap some photos! The photos aren't the best cause it was hard to see thru my tears of excitment! I know what your thinking, I always cry! You have to understand I was SO proud and a little bit sad that she is growing up so fast.

"Hey mama... look at me!"

I think in this photo she has figured out her mama's shrills and cheers mean she did something good and this is her proud of herself face!

Like I said, it's hard work holding up this big head! (That is the one feature she definitely got from her mama!)

Now I know I have referred to Nyah's boyfriend in this post. His name is Brody and he belongs to our good friends, Paul and Brandy. He's just a couple months older than Nyah and as cute as a button! You can't help but want to kiss on his chubby cheeks. We have decided that they are going to be a couple. I know it's early but I think Brody will make a good man for my girl. I know he will have no problems protecting her! Check out those pipes!!

I was a little shocked when Brody made his first move in front of us! This was either his attempt at a first kiss or he was trying to eat her face! Haha! Either way, Daddy was not happy I let a boy put the moves on his little girl! But seriously, the two of them are just so stinking cute!

Well since Nyah decided to become a big girl today, with her first time sitting on her own and her first kiss I figured it must be time for her to go in her stroller forward facing without the carseat. I can't lie all these first milestones make me want to freeze time! She was a little unsure at first but once we got moving I think she really liked it. She got to see the whole world out there right at her finger tips. I guess it's official, she's a big girl now.