Friday, 2 January 2015

.through her eyes.

Through her eyes the world is a better place. There is so much joy, wonder and fun that I don't' ever remember seeing before her. Our trip to Disneyland was just another example of how lucky we are to have her and how she just makes everything better. I have been to Disneyland before... twice... But I have never seen it for the true magic it is... until now. This trip was by far my favorite vacation ever and I think that's a pretty big statement considering I have been fortunate to go to some pretty amazing places... New York, Jakarta, Bali, Jamaica, Cancun, Cuba (to name a few of my favs)... 

We did one day at California Adventure Park and 2 days at Disneyland. Nyah was such a trooper and did FULL days all 3 days... from like 9:00am - 10:00pm with minimal meltdowns!! 

We were so lucky to have our best friends join us at the park too! It made the trip even more magical. I have been friends with Kym and Eva for over 20 years! I love these girls like crazy! Their husbands are OK too :) Even more special was getting to see our girls, Sky and Nyah explore the park together... hand in hand. I will forever cherish these moments and memories.

These photos are in no particular order and have not been edited at all. There were far too many to choose from and I love them all just the way they are.

This was such a magical moment for me as a parent. Seeing my daughter in such awe and wonder of one of her favorite princesses was so special! When Ariel asked me how our day was going I could barely choke out an answer without crying. Seeing Nyah so happy brought me tears of joy. Because we were the last ones to go through the princess area, Ariel spent some extra time with us and walked Nyah over to the next princess... hand in hand. She even played a cute game of hide and seek around the corner of the wall while we waited our turn. It was so sweet.

I love all these girls... like CRAZY!!

Our babies holding our their new babies!

The whole family

This was the first ride Nyah went on.

Yup... happiest place on earth without a doubt. My whole world in one tea cup!

And of course Jay gets picked for the show with Cruella Deville! 

This was our first character experience!

The look on Nyah's face when we first came around the corner and she saw Tinkerbell was priceless. 

Watching the parade!

You can really tell in this picture by Nyah's sweaty curls just how hot it was! I think the hottest day was like 39 degrees!! Holy heat wave!! 

Mid afternoon crash... nothing a little ice cream didn't fix!