Sunday, 11 May 2014

.3rd ones just as sweet.

Today is mother's day and I woke up sad that I had to leave Nyah and go to work. I wanted nothing more than to stay snuggled up in bed with her and act out  the Elsa and Anna sence from Frozen over and over again like we do most mornings.

Nyah ; " Elsa! Elsa! Wake up wake up wake up!" 
Me; "Go away Anna"
Nyah; "the sky's awake... So Im awake....  Its time to play.... Do you wanna build a snowman?"

But instead I got up went to work and counted down the hours till I got to kiss her over and over again. I love you sweetheart! Thank you for the great afternoon! 

"Momma, I always miss you sooo much when you go to work. So for mother's day I got you this so I can go to work with you. Love, Nyah"

Thursday, 8 May 2014

.potty time.

Its that time.... Potty time! We are officially on day 3 and I'd say its going pretty well (Day 1 we had 3 pee pees on the potty and well on day 2 I was so pre occupied I forgot to keep count). Its already 3pm and we've only had 1 accident! Im so proud of her!!

Day 3 has been a definite improvement from Day 2. I'll let these screen shots from Day 2 explain it all.... (warning... foul language was used so if your easily offended... this is probably not the post for you!)

On a happier note here is my gorgeous girl taking her new potty for a spin for the first time!

And in case you wanted to see the upclose shots from Day 2, here you go....  Laugh away ;)

Its a good thing she's so darn cute! Haha!