Friday, 26 September 2014

.fruit loops and princesses.

As if they weren't cute enough already... feed them some fruit loops and throw them in some Disney princess dresses and they could kill you with cuteness!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

.happiest place on earth.

Next month.... we are headed to the happiest place on earth! DISNEYLAND!! I can't wait to see Nyah's face when she meets all her favorites.... Elsa, Ariel, Rapunzel, Cinderella.... She's gonna be so excited!

.first day.

A while ago I wrote a post about finding Nyah the perfect preschool. Shortly after that post, I started to have second thoughts. Was my girl ready? She wouldn't even be 3 yet. Would she be potty trained in time? Would it be too stressful or overwhelming for our extremely cautious little girl? I wasn't sure what to do about all these concerns and we had already paid our deposit. 

About a month or so after we registered, I got a phone call from the owner. They were being forced to close their doors because the elementary school it was located in needed the space back. You can bet that I total took this as a sign that it wasn't meant to be.

A couple weeks ago, I got to chatting with my friend Kristen about the preschool that her daughter went to. It's called Sunshine Hills Parent Participation Preschool (SHPPP). I didn't really know what that meant but the more she told me about it the more I wanted to check it out. This is the description on their website...

"Parent Participation Preschool is a preschool in which the parents, children and teacher all contribute to, and actively participate in a creative learning environment of growth. The Preschool is non-profit, founded and maintained by parents whose concern is to provide a quality educational experience for their children during the vital preschool years."  

The school encourages parents to participate and after speaking with teacher Cathy about Nyah and her cautious personality I had such a great feeling about the school. She assured me that Nyah wasn't her first and certainly won't be her last extremely shy little girl. She told me that together we would make a plan that everyone was comfortable with to help Nyah with the separation. This was music to my ears! We meet with her a week later to view the facility and it was such a great experience. I could tell that Nyah didn't feel as nervous as she usually does in that type of situation. I think what sealed the deal for me was when teacher Cathy said that before preschool starts she meets/visits each child in their own home!! Can you believe that!? I feel so lucky that we were able to get the last spot available! Talk about meant to be!!

See... doesn't she look comfortable! This was only her 2nd time meeting teacher Cathy! Can you believe that after this home visit Nyah received a postcard in the mail from teacher Cathy saying how much she enjoyed this visit and that she couldn't wait to have her in her class! It these little details that have made my heart so happy with our decision!

This whole experience has been such a whirlwind of emotion for me. I'm so sad time is flying by so fast but I'm so excited for her to take her first real steps out of our nest. Preschool is going to be such a great opportunity for her. I know my baby is growing up and that together we have to take these little steps towards independence but it doesn't change the fact that this momma's heart is having a hard time letting let go.

I'm so proud of my girl.

September 9th, 2014