Sunday, 25 November 2012

.here fishy fishy.

Last month, we made the trip downtown to visit the Vancouver Aquarium. We had a coupon from the Entertainment Book that I had been dying to use but it wasn't valid during the summer which I guess was for the best as Nyah still would have been a little young. The Aquarium is such a magical place. I always find it so interesting to see how life carries about in the ocean. Here are a few photos from our visit. I have to give all the photo credit to Jay as he was the camera guy on this visit!

A little out of focus.... but super amazing!

Nyah thought they were really cool!

I don't know why we stopped to look at ths guy! I hate snakes!!!!! Luckly, he was behind glass so we were safe! Haha!


The rainforest exhibit is one of my favorites! There are butterflies all around, birds flying, turtles and sloth's slothing!

And who doesn't love dolphins? Such a great show!

I was so excited for Nyah to see the Beluga's but to be honest she was more interested in the grate on the floor and the people behind us! But at least we were able to get the famous "under water" photo!

One day she will appreciate this experience!