Thursday, 25 February 2016


I feel guilty... Guilty for not posting in this space for months... Guilty that Nyah will be missing a chunk of her 4th year documented... I keep telling myself Ill catch up... Ill do a big post of halloween, her birthday, Christmas but then I never get to it. I feel this enormous amount of pressure to remember every little moment and I worry that as time passes Ill forget the little stuff. So today, Im letting go of the big stuff I havent posted but wanted too and am moving forward with the little stuff. The stuff that is short and sweet.

Like today, when I asked her to bring me her plate and she just slumped onto the couch and said " no momma, you do it... I need to just relax"... Are you kidding me?? Relax? Do you even know what that means? Lord knows you have never seen me or your father do this relax thing you speak of since you were born! Lol! 

Maybe after your done relaxing sweetheart you can explain to me why you must always eat your breakfast naked! Don't you ever get cold? 

It feels good to write a little in this space! No pressure... But I hope I do it again soon!

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