Thursday, 17 March 2016

Cake pop

Today, we ran errands. Not Nyah's favorite kind of day but I did try and break the day up in 2 parts and squeeze in some crafts in the middle. 

On our 2nd to last stop we ran into our bbf's at Chapters and both girl's fell in love with way overpriced jellycat bunnies! Thankfully we managed to move them along without any bunnies... Although Im pretty sure Em took me up on my suggestion and went straight home to write a letter to the Easter bunny asking for the bunny stuffie! Sorry T! 

On our way out Nyah decided she wanted a cake pop from the adjoining starbucks. We had just gone grocery shopping so I told her we'd grab something at home. You would have thought from the crying that insued that I had told her I was never going to feed her ever again!!! And when she said "Momma, your breaking my heart" I almost died and bought cake pops for us both! 


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